The Chef’s history

Excellence: the guiding thread during Romuald Fassenet’s career. From the ovens at Matignon to the kitchens at La Tour d’Argent, not forgetting major hotels in the US and Germany, Romuald Fassenet has continued to perfect his art next to some of the biggest names in food.

His uncompromising demand, professional curiosity and passion for his job were boosted by Nadine and Jean-Paul Jeunet, a chef with two Michelin stars in Arbois, where he would remain for several years.

In 2002, Romuald settled in Le Bec Fin, Dole with his wife Catherine and their two-month old daughter Valentine .

In 2004, his work was recognised by the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) title. And as good things often come in twos, this professional recognition was accompanied by the arrival of little Lorette.

In 2006, the Michelin Guide - a world reference in gourmet food - recognised the Chef’s talents by awarding him his first star. 

2007 introduced a new professional challenge for Catherine, Romuald and their two daughters. They purchased Château Mont Joly in Sampans and transformed it, modernised it and gave it an endearing character by providing it with a family spirit. 

Now an accomplished and recognised Chef, Romuald Fassenet continues in his quest for perfection. He maintains his culinary inspiration on a daily basis and he passes on his knowledge to others with verve, for example by supporting the Japanese team to the Bocuse d’Or since 2009. His coaching has been a great success as the team has won a prize every year. He is now focusing on a new challenge by becoming the coach of the Australian team. 

Since the winter of 2015, Romuald Fassenet has taken on the development of the menu at a gourmet restaurant at the 5-star Pashmina hotel in Val Thorens. 

Romuald Fassenet, MOF and Michelin-starred chef

The food of Romuald Fassenet

Meilleur Ouvrier de France title holder and a Michelin-starred chef, Romuald Fassenet cooks with the senses. Through his rampant creativity, his love for good produce and perfect control of technique, he creates thrilling food where each bite wows the palate. 
A master of flavours, he likes to play with contrasts on the plate to bring joy, quite simply. The dishes are beautiful and tasty. Sweet meets tart, smoky flavours meet salty flavours and vegetable freshness works with woody flavours to wow the palate whilst ensuring that the dishes remain balanced.

Chef Fassenet’s food is inventive, creative, delicate and surprising... in sum: seductive !

Catherine’s cellar

Wines from Jura and further afield

The daughter of a wine grower and a sommelier, Catherine Fassenet selects exciting wines for Château Mont Joly, such as Château-Chalon by her sister Marie-Pierre Chevassu and the Châteauneuf-du-Pape by Laurent Charvin.

She is also able to suggest the perfect wine to enjoy at the right moment…

Château Mont Joly: Catherine Fassenet’s wine list